Cupcakes | cakes


all cakes/cupcakes can be made vegan and/or *gluten free!

cupcakes: $20 per dozen (after 2 dozen pricing goes down to $15 per dozen)
mini cupcakes: $10 per dozen
mini bundts: $30 per dozen
cakes: 4 inch 3 layer: $20 (feeds 1-2, or SMASH cake) 
            6 inch 3 layer: $35 (feeds 6-8)
            8 inch 3 layer: $40 (feeds up to 15)
            10 inch 3 layer: $55 (feeds up to 25)
*larger cakes and additional layers will be priced upon ordering 


coconut with cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes

chocolate with chocolate buttercream and chocolate drip

strawberry with classic buttercream

vanilla with classic buttercream

brown sugar with fresh caramel sauce

funfetti with classic buttercream and sprinkles

carrot with cream cheese frosting

spice with cinnamon cream cheese frosting


guava with mascarpone frosting

lavender with lavender buttercream

vanilla with fresh fruit filling

cookies | bars

all classic cookies can be made vegan and/or *gluten free

classic: $10 per dozen

chewy molasses (classic)

chocolate chip (classic)

peanut butter (classic)

snicker doodle (classic)

complex: $18 per dozen (2 inch), $24 per dozen (3 inch)

salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars (complex)

aka twix bars | gluten free available

lemon bars (complex)

bright, fresh lemon bars with a buttery shortbread crust | gluten free available

custom: $24 per dozen 

custom decorated sugar cookies



peach (seasonal), berry (seasonal), banana cream, coconut cream, apple. pumpkin


fresh fruit tart

soft shortbread crust topped with sweetened cream cheese and fresh seasonal fruits

10 inch: $30

cinnamon rolls

$30 per dozen

swedish cardamom buns

       $30 per dozen

cake pops

any flavor cake conveniently shaped into a delicious pop 

$18 per dozen


*made with gluten free ingredients, not in a fully gluten free kitchen